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Application Information:
The QuickFit Coupling range is designed to connect Plain Ended Pipes with similar outside diameters. The full range includes Couplings and Flange Adaptors to suit Pipes with nominal sizes between DN50 (2″) and DN300 (12″). One fitting can accommodate PVC, coated and uncoated Steel Pipes and Ductile Iron Pipes as well.

Customer benefits:
• QuickFit products accommodate angular deflection between Pipes. This makes installation easy and allows pipeline movement, such as ground settlement
• Long radius curves can also be accommodated, avoiding the need for special fittings with Couplings up to 6º and Flange Adaptors to 3º
• No need for specialist tools – just a 19mm A/F Deep Reach Socket and Torque Wrench
• QuickFit Couplings are capable of accommodating 10mm of expansion/contraction per fitting, Flange Adaptors 5mm. This reduces the need for supplementary expansion joints or bellows
• All cast QuickFit Flange Adaptors are supplied as standard with an extended Sealing Face, and are suitable for use with Wafer Style (Butterfly) Valves
• Fabricated Flange Adaptors can be supplied with either an extended Sealing Face or Clear Bore option

Test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure.

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeSize min mmSize max mmWorking pressure barEnd ring ODBolt size dia. x lengthGasket mould no.Weight kgQuantity
J89001VJ1140047.951.346.61362-M12 x 18012477/412.22
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J88887VJ1140159.563.346.61482-M12 x 18012477/12.51
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J89002VJ1140275.379.146.61642-M12 x 18012477/52.89
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J11050VJ1140388.191.946.61774-M12 x 18012477/73.81
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J83303VJ1140495.8100.246.61854-M12 x 18012477/104
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J89003VJ11405107.211146.61964-M12 x 18012477/124.26
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J13038VJ11406113.5120.246.62054-M12 x 18012477/154.48
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J89004VJ11407138.9142.7442284-M12 x 18012477/195.02
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J89005VJ11408158.216238.82544-M12 x 18012477/216.32
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J11052VJ11409167.5172.336.92644-M12 x 18012477/246.59
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J89006VJ11410192.9196.732.22924-M12 x 18012477/268.06
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J13039VJ11411218.3224.435.83194-M12 x 18012477/298.89
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J11398VJ11412272.2276.534.83726-M12 x 18012477/3411.15
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J11399VJ11413323.1328.629.54246-M12 x 18012477/3712.76
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