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AVK – Water Couplings – Series 258 TR

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• Wide tolerant fabricated couplings
• Tensile resistant
• WRAS materials
• Epoxy coated according to WIS 4-52-01 class B
• DN350-1000mm PN16
• EPDM seals

Wolseley CodeSupplier CodeRange mmDN mmQuantity
J14399258-61-035-10TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 351-383350
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J14400258-61-038-50TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 385-417400
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J14401258-61-042-70TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 427-459450
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J14402258-61-047-80TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 478-510500
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J14403258-61-053-00TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 530-562550
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J14404258-61-060-80TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 608-640600
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J14405258-61-070-80TR-STR-Coupling PN16 ZPP 708-740700
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J14406258-60-074-40TR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 744-776700
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J14407258-60-079-70TR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 797-829800
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J14408258-60-083-90TR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 839-871800
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J14409258-60-088-40TR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 884-916900
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J14410258-60-093-90ATR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 939-971900
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J14411258-60-097-20TR-STR-Coupling PN10 ZPP 972-1004900
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